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Join the Art Express to study the secrets of contemporary artists.
See how they play on the page and explore exciting mark-making.
You will learn to capture light and tone, draw dynamic figures – and much more.
Discover techniques and skills to grow your own art practice.
Learn from professional and inspiring artists.
You choose whether to take our relaxed weekend classes just once; or to continue the classes on an ongoing basis as your skills grow.
Our Art Express ‘menu’ of classes means you can choose which classes to attend according to your interest, skill level or availability.
This flexibility means you can build classes around your other weekend commitments.
Our sessions are graded as Basic, Intermediate or Advanced. This helps you to plan your own, ongoing program.
You get one-on-one mentoring because class numbers are limited to 8 people.
Each class costs $50.00 (prepaid online in packages of 3 sessions). It is mandatory to book ahead for all classes. Choose them from our menu system.
In the first Art Express classes we will supply all materials, with their cost covered by the class fees. For intermediate and advanced classes, there are additional material or model costs.
Where: Art Express Classes
Canberra Art Workshop
Studio B
21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith
When: 9.00 to 12noon Saturday: mornings and afternoons / Sunday mornings only.
Course Payment: BSB 062-900 | A/c: 1088 6026
Cost per three sessions: $150.00
Contact: Please call Rick for more information and class space availability 0437 441 950.
Basics Art Express: Drawing
Saturday’s 2017
Morning 9.15 to 11.45am
Afternoon 1.30 to 4.00pm
Drawing Basics Exploring mark making.
We explore many mark-making possibilities in drawing with a variety of materials. Draw from the right brain and find a more emotional, personal approach to mark-making. Use soft, almost snail-like marks to avoid hard and confining outlines.
Saturday’s 2017
Morning 9.15 to 11.45am
Afternoon 1.30 to 4.00pm
Drawing Basics Understanding light and tone.
Moving beyond the basic drawing approaches from Week 1, we add a range of tonal shading. This is the first step to moving from a linear to a three-dimensional image.
Saturday’s 2017
Morning 9.15 to 11.45am
Afternoon 1.30 to 4.00pm.
Drawing Basics Perspective and the vanishing point.
See how to interpret the perspective of a view. Then turn it into a three-dimensional drawing.  Learn how to use your eyes to evaluate distance, identify the horizon and find the vanishing point. Then use these to draw a tonal landscape.
Intermediate Art Express
Saturday’s 2017
Portrait drawing.
Now we learn to map out a portrait, using our understanding of volume and perspective. We create a lifelike portrait by using tone (light and shade).
Sunday’s 2017
Colour-mixing basics.
Using water-soluble oil paint, we learn to mix any colour from a limited number of traditional paint colours. Then you will start to create your own colour reference book. This is the first stage in converting your basic skills from Sessions 1, 2 and 3 into a painting.
Additional $10 materials cost
Sunday’s 2017
Dynamic paint and colour.
You explore different techniques in applying paint and texture. Create a small series of abstract landscapes to discover the way colour and tone can be used to bring forward or retreat space in a painting.
Additional $10 materials cost.
Advanced Art Express
Sunday’s 2017
Drawing and Painting from Life.
Drawing from a life model, we explore the torso by using a simple formula. You learn to define the centre-of-gravity in the human form. Then apply your Session 1 and 2 drawing skills to create a dynamic figure.
Additional $15 model fee applies
Sunday’s 2017
Printmaking Introduction Full-day, two-session course.
Learn how to use a printing press. Using a fast, non-traditional etching method we make printing plates. Then we convert some of your own drawings into finished, high-quality prints.
There is an additional materials cost of $40 for this course and numbers are restricted to 4. Many past students have framed their works. Special framing rates are available, should you wish to do so.
Sunday’s 2017
Exploring mixed media Full-day, two-session course.
Combining acrylic paint, binder medium and masking-tape collage, you will create dynamic work on heavy watercolour paper from your own compositions. Students enjoy this messy, experimental process, as they find unconventional, new ways to make art.
Additional material cost $30.

Currently we are unable to take bookings until late 2017.

New booking forms will be available here. Please re-visit my website.

Regards Rick.

I have attended three of Rick’s formal classes. They were and remain seminal and germinal to my birth as an aspiring amateur artist. I repeated the Expressive Drawing classes because it was so thick and rich of content that I just couldn’t consume it all in one sitting.
Rick is a consummate communicator landing the often lofty and precocious language of the art world onto the ground.
A consummate and inspirational artist in his own right combined with his personality full of passion and enthusiasm and empathy, Rick was able to communicate and combine the fundamental elements and nuances of line, form, proportion and values into a cohesive whole that has been the wind beneath my wings learning to fly artistically. My gnawing feverish demand to express my-self visually was set aloft.
I’m back in Melbourne now, but I miss his critical and empathetic eye that might guide a misplaced value here or an errant line there and so enhance the balance of a drawing I was working from the pedestrian to the enchanted. The sort of action that only a keen well-trained eye, experience, knowledge and a touch of boldness – not to forget talent – can perform. He educates and I am forever grateful for his profundity.
Shane Mulhall

It was a huge pleasure to work with Rick in creating this new website.

We will be continually up-dating and adding new and exciting information and classes during 2017.

Christopher Gray



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